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Personalised Tours of local highlights and attractions!
Other local highlights and attractions in the region that we provide personalised tours, to your requirements, include Mamu Skywalk Canopy, Thorsborne Trail hiking, Hinchinbrook Island Cruises, Lucinda, Waterfalls, Beaches, Etty Bay, Chocolate Factory, Sugar Mills, El Arish Pub, Murrray Falls, Alligators Nest, Josephine Falls and Babinda Boulders.

Go camping!

Get your mates together and hire the bus, spend the day or the weekend camping at the Beach, Swimming Holes, Murray Falls, Alligators Nest, Josephine Falls, Babinda Boulders, Paronella Park, Mamu Canopy Skywalk etc.

Charter the bus & go camping

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Mission Beach:


0429 689 366

0459 472 616

National Taxi No: 131 008 (not for Cardwell)
Bookings & Admin: 0448 125 984
0449 257 535
Fax: 07 4068 8360
No refund will be given if there is no notification of cancellation prior to / or within 24 hours of the booking time or 50% non refundable if cancelled before the 24 hour deadline of the booking time.